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Tea Kathä with Mahas is a series of talks on Communication, facilitated by Zainul Mahas Murshid the founder of Interventionz Consultancy. It is all about having a relaxed evening talk on a subject related to Communication, with post-session networking over some iced tea.


The first event of the series, ‘Communication for Entrepreneurs’ took place on Thursday, the 10th of January, 2018. Now we are ready with Tea Kathä with Mahas # 2 – Messaging Millennials!


‘Millennial’ is a term coined to define those born between 1982 and 2004. In popular use, millennials are considered those who 'came of age' in the new millennia with its technology, new age thinking and new way of doing things. Older generations also seem to hold a very generalized view of millennials as a group of persons with a callous attitude towards tradition and the 'old school' way of doing things. What is very clear is that millennials have a distinctive style, and should be spoken to in a manner tailored to them. In this edition of Tea Kathä with Mahas; Shannon Misso and Sashane Perera join the conversation, on ‘Messaging Millennials’, an exploration into how best to communicate with the millennials.


5.45 – 6.00 – Registration

6.00 – 6.40 – Presentations by speakers

6.40 – 7.00 – Q&A

7.00 – 7.30 – Networking and refreshments


About the Speakers

Mahas Murshid

Mahas Murshid has decades of experience in marketing and communications, and in public speaking working with multiple audiences across several countries and industries. He has forged a career in training and development and as an Executive Coaching, assisting senior executives and business leaders in upping their communications game.


Shannon Misso

Shannon Misso is a Teacher by profession and an Actor by passion. When she’s not engaged in either of these roles, she’s a mother to two cheeky children. A self-proclaimed feminist, Shannon is passionate about using whatever tools available to provide different perspectives where needed. A self-proclaimed phone-addict, she’s always looking at new ways to engage with audiences through different mediums such as social media, blogs and the Theatre. She’s also very chatty and positive to a fault.


Sashane Perera

Sashane Perera works on innovation in the fashion industry in his day job, as part of a team that seeks to create new age apparel for the fast changing market place. He is also an acclaimed practitioner in the local English Theatre, directing and producing theatrical experiences for a diverse audience; mostly working with and speaking to fellow millennials in bringing his creations to life.