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When your business is something you’re passionate about and you put purpose into it, your business thrives!

Whether you are planning to start on a business idea or just started your own company or even 5 years into your business, if you are searching for ways how you can make your business thrive, this is the workshop for you!

Participants would have the opportunity to share about their current enterprises or future business ideas. Then work together on how you can increase the social or environmental impact with the Co-founder of Good Market, a woman who has more than a decade of experience on how to do it right!

Amanda Kiessel

Co-founder, Good Market

Amanda is originally from the United States, but has been living and working in Asia since 1999. She has a PhD in Environmental Studies, a Masters in Sustainable International Development, and a degree in Biology with a specialty in ecotoxicology. Her academic research focused on ecological and social change in complex adaptive systems. Before Good Market, she spent nearly 15 years working with local organizations on agroecology and sustainable food systems, organizational change, and social enterprise development

So hurry up and get your tickets & register for this phenomenal event!