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Opening Week: Money Matters w/ Career Sutra x TBTM

Join us as we kick off ColomboCoop Opening week with a CareerSutra workshop on financial literacy together with The Better Tomorrow Movement (TBTM)! CareerSutra is the Women Empowerment series hosted at Colombo Cooperative with the intention of expanding globally to empower all south asian/brown women all over the world. 

The transition we make from depending on our parents’ money to managing our own finances is one that can be rocky, to say the least! Yet, this information gap is rarely addressed by our school curricula, nor is it a topic of learning that is easily delved in to. In response, TBTM will be hosting a fun and interactive workshop on all-things money to help you navigate these finance-related matters! 


Mr. Ishan Wijetunga is a seasoned professional with many years of banking experience, who is dedicated to helping you find the right balance between saving, optimizing, and investing your funds. Touching on a few key topics like managing your salary, investing in the stock market, and making full use of banking services, our expert will give you a rundown of things you ought to know about managing your funds. However, we want YOU to be in the driver’s seat at this workshop so feel free to come prepared with any questions you might have regarding this topic. 

Whether it’s after work, school, or a chill day at home – we invite you to grab a coffee and join us at the Colombo Cooperative on 12th July from 6 pm to 8 pm!


In conjunction with this workshop, the Better Tomorrow Movement is excited to announce that it will be piloting its first ever WORKSHOP INVESTMENT SCHEME.


TBTM is an international youth organization that works to develop youth capacity through our online and offline interactive learning programs in the hopes of getting more young people civically engaged in their communities. The "Good Human Series" is one of the programs that TBTM spearheaded in Sri Lanka to provide insight into areas of impact creation and overall youth capacity building. So far our workshops have covered topical areas including financial literacy, stress management, mental health, and gender-based violence. These workshops have been able to reach 300 students across Sri Lanka in both urban and rural areas. Of particular success was the workshop we conducted together with Trained Psychologist, Nivendra Uduman, and the Samutthana team (a bilingual workshop for women living in Durga Watte, Unawatuna). This workshop focused on stress management and coping mechanisms to empower young women.


Despite the remarkable and impactful result of our women’s empowerment program in Unawatuna, we were unable to sustain the workshop on a regular basis, due to financial constraints. Therefore, our pilot investment scheme is designed to ensure financial sustainability and longevity in the interest of continuing our workshops – aimed at improving the wellbeing of women living in Durga Watte, Unawatuna. 

Return on investment? What’s in it for you?

As an investor in our non-profit initiative, we hope to give you a unique hand in being an influencer and enabler of a powerful women’s empowerment program in Unawatuna. You will be given various opportunities to add value to these workshops, as we would welcome your creativity, leadership, and your participation – if you so wish to volunteer. Taking a results-oriented approach, TBTM will update all its investors on how these funds were utilized at these workshops and its material benefits to the group of young women in the Unawatuna area. This includes budget outlines, testimonials, our publications, and media. We will also provide certification to validate all payments made, your contribution, and dedication as an investor of The Better Tomorrow Movement. 

How will it work?

At our upcoming workshop, we will operate a stall to help you sign up for our investment scheme initiative. We will be accepting payments of Rs. 500 or Rs. 1000 as the standard rate of investment. While we welcome you to participate in this initiative, it remains ENTIRELY OPTIONAL. Entrance to our workshops will always be free!

Registrations now open!