Here's Why You are Perfect for Colombo Cooperative


There's a difference between a product and a mission. A product is a collection of features at a given price. But a mission is something more, something greater. Colombo Cooperative is a mission: the mission of enabling people to live their best lives.

We believe that the greatest things happen when the right people come together at the right time. We believe in taking that big risk and starting that new venture, even when it means giving up a comfortable, stable job. We believe in constant learning from different people and places, and approaching all situations with a growth mindset. We believe that reaching our full potential is a journey, not a destination; we believe that failures are our best lessons as long as we get back up and do better.

The Colombo Cooperative Crew embodies these beliefs; they're what drive us.

The Crew believes in themselves and in their fellow Crew members. They're constantly working on themselves, to be better at their art, their work, their hustle, their mission. They dream of a place where people treat each other equally no matter what. They value attention to detail and the energy of the space they're in; spaces change how they think and how they feel. They're explorers, adventurers, optimists, and YAY-sayers.

Not everyone is lucky enough to get the opportunity to work on their dream projects and passions, the Crew understands and is grateful for their circumstances, it gets them through the hard times. Crew members are honest, they trust and they love; they love their work, their life, and their fellow humans. They'll fail, learn, grow, and succeed. They will achieve their goals. They will accomplish their mission.

If you are this person, or want to be this person, we want you in the Colombo Cooperative Crew. Welcome in. Let's do big things together.

Roshane Silva