5 reasons why you should join a Coworking Space

Colombo Cooperative and other coworking spaces, are examples of contribution to the shared economy and collaborative consumption. If you are wondering whether or not you should join a coworking space as a freelancer, business entrepreneur or even a full time employee of an already established company, here are the top 5 things that make coworking stars of the future:

1.Get your work done!

The primary focus here is clear: Work. Coworking spaces go the extra mile to ensure the office is craftily curated to provide you with a comfortable yet focused space to get your work done and not have to worry about anything that isn’t work-related. When you join Colombo Cooperative, we help set up everything from business registration to your desk so that you can focus on getting your best work done.

2. Build your network & community

One of the biggest plus points of a coworking space is the opportunity to network- not just within your own field, but to explore ideas and collaboration with diverse individuals and foster trans-disciplinary interactions. If you are already a full time worker with a regular 9-5 looking to start up on your own, a coworking space and it’s community can be  a great starting point to meet like-minded individuals who can help you take your idea to the market. Check our Colombo Cooperative’s regular networking events, workshops and events to boost your side hustle and easily build your network within the community.

3. Save Time (& money)

Keep your startup costs lean, at Colombo Cooperative all utilities such as WiFi, electricity, water are all included and we pay attention to details like charging ports, printing, plant, decoration, seating, having plenty of snacks, tea and coffee ato make sure that you are in a supportive environment and are free from distractions, yet keep your creative juices flowing. You are able to save on the long term by being committed to one place rather than coffee shop and printer hunting every time you need to get some work done.

4. External support

Attaching yourself and your business to a coworking space can also be a great location for your startup in tidying up the front end of the enterprise. Taking meetings with clients at a well curated environment or inhouse meeting rooms will add professionalism to your work and the impression you make to your initial clients. Not only as an entrepreneur, but as a freelancer it helps boosts your personal brand image. Take use of business services such and take care of branding, bookkeeping and business registration which allows you to focus on your idea and it’s development while they take care of the rest for you.


Sustainability has been a buzzword in both the corporate world and start up community alike over the past decades & still relevant today as all businesses alike are determined to stay on top of the game. On a very basic level, coworking produces benefits for a startup in terms of resource efficiency. Basic utilities such as electricity, phone, WiFi and even space is shared in a much more efficient manner than working in separate office (or even a home office). Apart from splitting your basic overheads, what really adds sustainability value is community you are exposed to rather than being boxed up with you & your team, with you & your ideas. As Ron Finley so eloquently said in hisTED Talk,“The thing about sustainability is you have to sustain it.” This factor is often overlooked and taken for granted. A coworking space helps ensure continuity by making sure your idea, business and community are kept going through a continuous loop effect of sharing- giving & receiving amongst other members. 

Looking to build that community in Colombo? Join our free networking event at Colombo Cooperative once a month! Keep a look out on our instagram (@colombocooperative)/ Facebook page for more details.

Roshane Silva