Why we are launching Services by CC

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When we started Colombo Cooperative, it was about a big goal, we want to help you achieve your full potential. it may have started with an awesome coworking space and fueled by the incredible community and the events that expanded your knowledge and network, but now we are expanding to even more. 

The vision is to be able to help business of ANY size set up for success and be able to dream BIG! You could be a one person team or a team with four to six people or bigger, and we we want you to be able to walk in to Colombo Cooperative and have your own admin department, accounting department, design department, IT department, Marketing and social media department and we can go on forever, but you get it.

 The core purpose is we want you to have everything you need under one roof, in one bill, so you can focus on the important work and leave the rest to us.

Services by CC  
Services by CC is a set of services consisting of everything you need, in order to get you your business started! Do you need to register your business? We can do it. Do you need a logo created? Let's get that done fast! Do you need a business address? yup! got you. 

Do you have to be a member?
Services by CC can be used by ANYONE! If you are a member you do save significantly on services but we wanted anyone and everyone to be able to have access to the services to be successful and have a strong foundation. 
We do have a new membership tier Services Member (EXCITING!) - which allows you at a super low cost get access to the services at member pricing and also be a part of the Colombo Coop community as well

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How does it work?
We are fans of good, simple things. We have always been super transparent of our pricing, policies and we continue to do that with services as well. You can see a list of all the services here, simply go through it, let us know what you want to get started on by clicking on inquire now, and that will get the process started. 

After we understand your requirements, we will get back to you with confirmed pricing and timelines. We need 50% of the cost to get the project started and the remaining 50% will only be needed after the project is completed.

How do the payments work?

Once we understand what your requirements are and have come to an agreement on timelines, you can do a payment by bank transfer or credit car, and that will get the work project started

Yeah yeah, sounds great but why should I chose Services by CC?

1. Save Time and Money. As an entrepreneur, you don't have time to shop around for multiple things, come to Colombo Cooperative which offers you office space, business registration, design services and more under one roof so you can save time and money

2. Trust. You can trust us. Go see our reviews. We deliver what we promise. 

3. We make your life easy peasy.  We are entrepreneurs, we know how hard it is to juggle so much at once, with Services by CC you don't need to, you have us!

4. Your success is our success.  Our success truly depends on your success and experience, the business model is designed that way. So we have an invested interest in making sure you are set up for success.

5. All the services, one bill, one company. No more getting invoices from multiple places, chasing different people to get the work done and we simplify your finances by congregating all the expenses in to one. Your rent bill, your services bill, all under one bill! 

Thanks for being a part of Colombo Cooperative and growing and evolving with us.  We appreciate your loyalty and love seeing your faces around. If you have made it out to this section of the newsletter and blog post, we know you love us and we want to appreciate you, so please hit reply and we will send you a 300 RS off code for a services membership. 

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